Horary Charts

by Masheegan

The underlying theory of horary astrology is that, whenever one asks a question, the conditions of - as well as the answer to - the question are reflected in the patterns formed by the Sun, Moon, and the planets at the moment of the question asked (i.e., in the astrology chart cast for the moment).

Immediate Accurate Answers To All Types of Questions through Horary Chart Analysis

In horary astrology, the rising sign of the chart rules the person asking the question. All of the houses refer t the items or persons one can ask about.  Based on the exact time of inquiry, the horary chart will reveal the nature of your question or problem, important details, and the most probable outcome of the matter. Horary astrology can prevent you from making many wrong decisions and also give you the confirmation you need when you are making the right decisions. It can even be used to find lost objects! Your questions can be basic "yes or no" questions, or what, when or where questions. Though Horary astrology is much more complex than that, as most people want more than a yes or no answer. 

Horary astrology is an amazingly accurate branch of astrology, yet rarely seen or offered.  Even a natal chart gives only general trends in a person's life.  Horary attempts to answer specific questions like…Will I get the job I interviewed for today?  Should I move to another state?  Is there a future in this relationship?  Where is my favorite ring?  (necklace, sweater, whatever!)


 Masheegan  is an astrologer specializing in horary astrology, or astrology based on "hours".  She has ten years of professional experience and is a lifetime student of astrology and numerology. 




HOW TO ORDER:  By email, please.  Be as specific as possible with your question and include a return email address or phone number where you can be reached.  You should receive a response within several hours.  Indicate in your message if the question is more urgent!  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Email us for prices masheegan@msn.com

DISCLAIMER:  Horary astrology is a guide only and, sadly, is usually considered "entertainment" and not a science by the pencil pushers of the world.  Free will is key and the stars incline, they do not compel.  While my experience has been about 98% accuracy with this type of astrology, I cannot be held liable for  any damages or claims incurred as a result of relying on this guide.



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